Any starting issues after 03 cam upgrade?

I have read many posts regarding the 03 exhaust cam upgrade for auto decompression. I have a 99 WR400, and I was talking with a guy who has owned 3 wr's. He said that he never had an easier starting bike than his 01 426......until he installed the autodecompression cam. This guy is pretty good with his bikes, so I tend to believe he had it timed correctly and jetted properly. Most guys on here who have done the mod seem to love it. Has anyone had similar issues to what my friend had? If a guy was to upgrade, what's the perfect combo (ie. wr cam w/yz timimg, wr cam with wr timing, yz cam with wr get the picture). Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks. -Jerry

I have never heard of anybody thats disappointed in the cam mod. If you have it timed correctly and shimmed to spec, it should be fine. I can't help you on the WR vs. YZ timing. I have a YZ.

I have a WR with an 03 YZ cam (obviously YZ timed) starts first or second kick every time, zero problems whatsoever

Just did mine this weekend. Starts right up withjout issue, but I am getting a littel backfire occasionaly (at starting not decel) that wasn't there before :thumbsup:

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