does anyone need a pmb silent insert?

$30 shipped. please pm me if your interested

When I got my bike, the insert was gone. Needless to say its pretty loud. I didnt realize how loud while driving (probally because the sound was behind me) until my brother told me it was the loudest thing he has ever heard, like a stock car with open headers :thumbsup:

Any one know what the db level is on a stock 426 with the insert removed?

hey bob_0, I need an insert. I do belive I have stock exhaust. Will this pmb insert work? If so what is the db level and performance characteristics?

Bob check your pms. I sent one yesterday about the insert.


Noise and power increase noticibly with the insert. Its just about right in the middle between "stock" noise and "open end" noise. knowlimits did pm me yesterday though. I'll let ya know if that deal falls through.

Did you change from PMB insert to an aftermarket exhaust? I am curious to know if you went with the FMF Q2 or White Bros. E2, was there a noticable difference in sound or power output?

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