Do I really need an '06???

I have wondered this for a while and it would probably make a better separate post.Has anybody ever really changed bikes say 05 to 06 or from Yamaha to Suzuki or to Honda and immediately started winning races.It seems to me that most people stay about the same no matter what they switch to.Obviously if you went from a YZ400f to an 06 YZ450f you will be faster but I think on the whole peoples abilities pretty much stay the same from year to year and brand to brand.

Are u kidding me dude everytime I have gotton a new bike I feel better and better, I jump farther and make faster lap times around the track everytime.....I make a switch I went from a 1990 yz250to a 1994 suzuki rm250 to a 1997 cr250 to a 2002 yzf426 to a 2002 crf450 to a 2005 crf450 and then finally to a 2006rmz450 everytime I made a step up I got that much better..........every year these bikes get lighter and thinner better suspended and better ergos.........these are the changes that everyone wants.....if not no company's would sell bikes year to year................ year........... :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk::bonk::bonk::eek:

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