What oil do you run in your YAMAHA?

I understand and have done a search on oils....but I was looking for some more input. Yamalube, Rotella (regular and synthetic), mobil 1 synthetic.

Any problems encountered? Synthetic harm the clutch?

Just some input. No wise cracks or ignorant comments, or "do a search" required...Thanks.

Shell Rotella 15W40 dino oil. Rekluse recommends this oil so thats what I use. I change it every 2-3 rides and have had no problems yet.

That is the regular "white bottle" Rotella or the blue synthetic?

I run and have run Maxima 0W30 fully synthetic race oil in all of my bikes for the last few years, zero problems whatsoever.

Slipper clutch in the Honda CRF and soon to have a slipper in the 426F.

That is the regular "white bottle" Rotella or the blue synthetic?

Its the white bottle.

Torco something or another...

Motul 10/40 E-tech 100

Rotella T 5w40. Great coverage and cheap at walmart :thumbsup:

I currently run Amsoil, but I will be switching to Rotella after installing my Rekluse...SC

Yamalube 2040. It says YAMAHA. It is good. :thumbsup:

Yamalube semisynth. :thumbsup:

Rotela T 5W40...the bike gets the left overs from the truck

Yamalube 2040. It says YAMAHA. It is good. :thumbsup:
Yamaha isn't about to steer you wrong, if they like the oil, I like it to. :thumbsup:

It dont matter what oil you put in there, it will become contaminated quick, change it often. :bonk:

I am still running the old Mobil 1 redcap. I bought 2 the last 2 cases of it that napa here in Missoula had in early december. I will probably run Amsiol when I run out of this.

Valvoline 10/40 4 stroke motorcycle oil.

Rotella in the white gallon container, looks the same going out as it did going in.

Motul 15W/50 5100 direct from the local Yamaha Service Agent !!!

... sorry. and change every 250klms !!!

motul 5100 15w 50

Yamalube 2040. It says YAMAHA. It is good. :thumbsup:

Same here, Yamaha oil is good. Been using it for years.

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