WR450 kills when open throttle

Used TT AIS removal kit. Nice. Put YZ throttle stop and cut the grey wire. Also have FMF exhaust. I have the JD kit but have not changed any jets. Am waiting to get 48 pilot jet before changing. If throttle is twisted quickly from idle the bike will die. What should I do? Thanks

You need to get a #40 leak jet for your accelerator pump. This is located inside the bottom of the carburator bowl this jet is very tiny, it lets more fuel in when the throttle is opened quickly. The smaller the leak jet the more fuel is let into the engine and not (leaked) back into the bowl. Hope this helps.

If you open the throttle really fast on any 4 stroke not under load it is going to die. The only time you should worry about the bike dying when you open the throttle quickly is when you are riding it. You are running lean with the new pipe, which is not helping, but even when you re jet richer the bike is still going to sputter and die if you whack the throttle open fast not under load.

It really only dies when it is under a load. It is not to bad in 1st gear but is really bad in 2nd and 3rd. It works fine sitting in the garage.

So you haven't installed the JD kit yet? If you are running stock jetting with a more open pipe then you are too lean. I would install the JD kit. You will be way better off than you are now. The stock pilot is 45 isn't it? You won't be too far off if at all. I do recommend the #40 leak jet though. :thumbsup:


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