How Well Do Anodized Rims Hold Up

Hey just trying to get a few opinions about black anodized rims. Simply trying to dress the bike up a little and think black rims look awesome on yamaha's. Will they hold up, or will I be dissapointed after a couple of rides?

Anodized rims are the way to go, even the stockers are anodized.

This provides a nice hard protection barrier.

Just don't paint them if you want them to last.

I had a set of anodized rims on a 91 RM 250 several years ago.(91-92) They held up great while I had them. A year or so later I sold the bike to a guy and I saw him a few years ago. The guy told me that he trashed the bike on a jump but kept the rims and at that time had them on another RM. He kept them because they were purple and still looked new. I think anodized is 100 times better than powder coating so don't consider that

It depends on what kinda riding you do. I have a set of black Excels on my 04' WR and it looks bithchen from a far but you get a little closer and the nicks dings really stand out. If you ride in sand or mostly desert they will show their age fairly quickly but the still look cool.

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