Another Cam Question

Hi, I'm sorry to bring up the whole cam chain deal again, but I'm mechanically incompetent and I'm afraid of screwing up my bike. You were all real kind last time to show me the motoman338 web site, and with directions in my hand, I still managed to have no clue what it was talking about. I consulted the owners manual (2000 Wr400f) and it just didn't seem to make any sense. It'll be the first engine work I do other than valve check so I'm a little nervous, and again, really dont want to cause expensive damage. So, what and where is the cam chain tensioner and the screw that they speak of? And finally, where are the cam cap bolts? If theres a page in a manual that has this stuff please let me know since I'm a total visual learner. Thank you for your time and having put up with me for the past year and all of my "stupid questions". I appreciate all the help you've all done for me-Ed

Cam Chain Tensioner, this is located on the rear side of the engine just below the carb. It has a bolt with a 10mm head on it in the end of the tensioner that must be removed to access the screw to release the tension. Turn it clockwise until it stops and then put a little pressure on it. The tensioner will now stay released until it is turned back CCW after you re-install it.

Cam Cap Bolts, these are the bolts that hold the cams into the head. There are 4 in the exhaust cam cap and 6 in the intake cam cap. Exhaust cam is on the front of the motor and the exhaust is on the rear. Be sure you have a good torque wrench that will handle 20-200 inch/lbs for re-installing the cam cap bolts. 86 inch lbs will get you real close to the 7.2 ft/lbs the book calls for.

You will also need the Yamaha Flywheel puller to get the timing chain out. Hope this helps,


exhaust cam is in the front INTAKE cam is in the rear.

Not sure you need to remove the chain altogether, I left mine on.

be prepared to drop a little $$ on a good Torque wrench

It's really not that bad

1. Follow the Maual for the disassembly

2. from motoman 2 KEY steps that I missed and it caused me a lot of extra TIME, but no damage: use a zip-tie to tie wrench off to footpeg and prevent cylinder from rotating past TDC; and use zip tie to tie off timing chain to the INTAKE cam

3. Leavthe intake cam in place. It will save you time and frustration

GO for it


Sorry, I thought he was trying to change out the timing chain. If this is not the case and you are just changing the timing then you will not need to remove the timing chain. You will also not need to remove the intake cam(3-lobes) to move the exhaust cam(2-lobes). Just rotate the exhaust cam up toward the intake and you should be able to slip the chain off. Hope this helps, sorry for any confusion I caused.


Thanks again for all your help-ed

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