YZF External Stator

Hey Fellas,

Thinking seriously about street legaling my 2000 yzf and I've been reading all the related threads. My question is - Does anyone out there run the E-line (baja designs) external stator? It's the one that is a all in one unit but it sticks out a ways and you need a new shift lever to overcome the old one hitting it. Does it interfere with normal shifting or is it just a bit of a nuisance that you get used to rather quickly?

Also, what else would I need if I installed a WR stator?

Thanks in advance.

Eline is the one I would recommend. Pretty nice set up and has plenty of power for high power lights, grips, etc.etc. Only concern I had was the shifter breaking if whipping out, It's now 1 1/2 years and no broken levers.

Issues with a wr set up the lack of wattage. At 2500 rpm the AC is rated up to 55 watts and the DC is 26 watts. But I guess it depends on what lighting our powering.

E-line here. It may be wierd feeling if you install it during the ride but if you start off with it in the morning you won't notice it at all until you hop on another bike! then you will likely be shifter searching a little. the quality of the piece is well worth any nuisance though and you have the ability for further tuning in no light needed conditions as the flywheel is a breeze to remove/install to suit the conditions of the day. good stuff.

I have the WR stator/flywheel in my YZ400. Works great. And at $300 its way cheeper than the e-line.

I have an E-line and have had no problems. It is a bit pricy but I got mine used.

There are two separate 100W outputs and ea. require a Voltage regulator.

The shifter does stick out a bit but no problems here, actually one problem is that the bolt that clamps the shifter on the bike stripped. no biggie and prob my fault.

Note that adding this is equal to about 11oz of flywheel weight so this is a bit difference, maybe good maybe bad.

I think if I were to get a different lighting coil for mine, I would go the route that yzman400 did.. go with the WR flywheel and stator. The price difference is big and it will run a full light setup with no problems. Unless your running duel baja lights and hot grips etc its likely more power than you need, and with the WR kit you wont have to worry about the bulk of the unit or the power loss associated with it. When I contacted E-line about the hp loss they did admit that it drags the engine down a little.. but Im not sure if its enough to worry about.

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