Fork Preload

Changed springs and oil in my 650 forks. I put 9/16 of preload on the lock nut or about 8 thread counts. I have seen a thread that said there is no preload in forks. Should I screw down the top cap all the way and then set the lock nut tight. Any help would be nice.

The fork cap is NOT an adjustable preload setting. Your sag is determined by having the proper spring for your weight. Screw the fork cap all the way until the damper rod bottoms out in the fork cap. Then run the lock nut up and torque it (11ft-lb) agains the fork cap. If you want to preload the springs, you follow the same procedure, you just add washers under the fork cap like shown in the service manual. This is for XR650R, not L.

Thanks for your help! I screwed the cap all the way on .Everything works great. Thanks Again. :thumbsup:

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