Went riding for the first time on my new bike

Well today i broke out my (new) bike. It was super fun instead of instantly breaking loose the back tire like my dads bike does its like the stainless valves smoothed out the power delivery and hooked up in the deepest of gravel. Only a few problems, while packing up we noticed that my left fork seal was leaking pretty bad, it was geared WAY too tall for the trails, and i had major arm pump because i was used to my old crf150. I also rode on the track a bit even though it was crowded. There was good lip on the jumps and the turns were a little watered down. It was really nice to have suspension for a change.





Looking at pictures of your track makes me realize just how little grooming they do here locally on ours... :thumbsup:

Nice pics. :thumbsup:

it only looks good becuase there was a race last week and it rained a tiny bit the day before

Nice bike!! If you dont mind my asking, how much did you pay for it?

3000, it migth sound lke a lot to some of you guys but here in california especially my area thats not too bad

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