Skid Plate Suggestions

Hey Guys,

I am currently running a MSR skid plate that I ordered through the local dealer and I am not happy with it at all. I am wanting a plate that bolts directly to the factory mounting with no hangers at all. I don't know if such a creature exists, but I want one. Not concerned with weight, I am wondering about the carbon fiber ones. Anyone used these? How do they hold up to rocks and such. For $110 I don't want to have to replace it real soon. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me have them. Thanks,


I am running the Yamaha GYTR skid plate on mine, it is a direct bolt-on with no hangers or loops to mess with.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that Yamaha offers a skid plate for the 02WR426. Too bad for me I guess.


The utah sportcycle skid plate clearly uses 4 hangers. Any other suggestions?

Maybe look at white bros. I have their skid plate on my DRZ and it is fine, and a direct bolt on.

BTW this month's dirt rider has a big article about 250s and they put a HUGE skid plate on the WR250, looks like a snow shovel. Gotta check what brand it is and avoid that one.

You might look at the Devol skid plate. It bolts on using the stock screw locations, the only slight hassle is aligning a couple of standoff spacers when you're bolting it on. I used pieces of masking tape to hold the spacers in place when bolting it up, and if I remember next time I have it off I'll just RTV them in place on the skid plate. Bought it from the TT store, think it was about 90 bucks or so.

I have a Utah skid plate on my 04' WR450.

The upper/frontal area of the plate bolts directly to the factory skidplate mounts. It only uses 2 hangar clamps in the very back of the skid plate.

I am very happy with it. Abused it plenty of times and is holding up well. It is large and offers a lot of protection coverage.

My 2-cents.

I'm using the carbon fiber skid plate from E-line accessories. No hangers, just spacers.

I just installed the Utah on the 450.

I'M INVINCIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another vote for the Utah plate. It rocks (literally). :thumbsup:

Devol skid plate here. bolts right on to the factory holes, all 4 of them. and by the way, TOTP :thumbsup:

Devol with no issues to install, strong aluminum holds better than carbon, at least that's what i think!!

Just bought a white bros on ebay $50 with shipping Baja designs was the seller. Bolts right on to factory holes. I have a 2000 wr 400. should be the same part number for the 426. I have seen more listed worth a look.

Utah! :thumbsup:

Devol!! I've had it for over 3 years with no problems at all. It has definately saved a few dents in the frame. It also looks better than those ugly utah ones!


Have you looked at Flatland Racing? I'm running one on my '05 WR450 - it bolts directly to the factory mounting. They're made in Emporia, KS. It's quality stuff and you get to support a local manufacturer. Their radiator guards are good too. :thumbsup:

I've used the Devol and it is about half a thick as the White Bros one and also has the goofy mounting system with loose spacers. The White Bros plate mounts directly and seems to work pretty good.

Thanks for all the replies guys, keep them coming. I am starting to notice that most of these companies don't make a hangar free direct bolt on for the 426. All of those are made for the 450. Does anyone know what the difference is in the two? Would a 450 plate bolt up to the 426 stock mount? Thanks,


I am using the MSR on my '06. From the looks, and the part number, I think it is made by Utah and repackaged by MSR. Looks the same, has same part number, and instructions that say Utah Sport Cycle on them. Yes it has hangers but was an easy install.

Yes, its big. Some would say ugly. It covers way more that the stock wings did. Last weekend I smashed it so hard it is now bent up against the water pump. Big dent in the bottom too. It also covers the oil scavage line that sticks out past the frame on the right side. I vote MSR/Utah. :thumbsup:

I don't think we will stop racing Enduro's in the rocks anytime soon. Worth every penny.

Today I ordered the skid plate from Utah Sport Cycle for my 06 WR450. Out the door with 3 day UPS ground shipping was $95.75. There was so many good post on TT regarding this skid plate and the price was right.

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