anyone had an 04 crf450 and 06 yz450

heres the deal I'm old 41 started riding at 36 on a 96 rm250 bought a new 03 yz250f and its time to upgrade.. dint know if i should get 06 yz250f and put a 262 kit in or et 06 yz450f.. my 03 is great but I'm not good enough at corner speed and when the track is muddy or sandy i don't have enough skill or power to jump consistently.... i hated the 04 yz450 way to jerky and bulky.. I rode and was starting to like 04 crf 450 after an hour.. I know that yam has been toning down the hit and Honda has been pumping up the crf .. so I would like the same motor as 04 crf or mellower with same or better handling... how does the 06 yz450 compare .. Im considering ettin the 06 and putting a flywheel weight in it. how heavy does it feel compared to my 03 250f ? while I'm at it how much faster is 06 yz250f compared the 03yz .. thanks for your constructive thoughts..

Ive had 3 CRF's, all 450's, and really liked the bikes. I rode my YZ back to back with my 04 CRF and the really feel simialr to me. My CRF was a little more explosive and that was with a weight, the YZ seems to come on real strong in the midrange. I could turn my CRF better but I think I will get there with the YZ. They are both great bikes, if it werent for the valves on the CRF I would probably still be riding one. I have had 2 YZF's, 00 and an 01 and never had to do anything to them, hopefully the 06 will be just as reliable. I have never ridden a 250F so cant coment on that but the YZ feels lighter than my CRF did.

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I had two CRFs and the last one was a 2004. I now have the 2006 YZ and I must say that the YZ is easy to adapt to as it feels VERY similar to the CRF. SO, I came into a comfort level rather quickly.

However, the CRF did turn better, but it was because I found a setting that suited me. I changed the triples, I adjusted until my fingers bled, but the YZ seems really close out of the box and so far, all I've done it tinkered with the front.

I did an initial set-up as most on here were suggested to do - I did the pilot jet, main jet and handle bars.

After that, it has been a great bike. I too, think the CRF feels more powerful, but I have an exhaust and some other "goodies" like I had on my CRF coming so, I suspect they'll help out the power issue. As far as overall power, I am in the same boat. I think from mid range on, the YX would stomp the 2004 CRF. Not sure about the 2006 CRF, but definately the 2004.

I just can't wait until Supermoto season kicks in...

I owned 99 YZ 400, 02 YZ250F, 03 YZ450F, 05 CRF450 and know own the 06 YZ 250 & 450F's.

I'm not as impressed with the 2006 YZ 250F (Stock) as I was with the 2002 250F.

The 450 is my main Race bike. This bike is equivlent to my 2002 250F for weight and turning and the motor is equal to my 99 400. It is the BEST Stock Bike available. All 2006 bikes with kick azz, after some $$$$ spent on them. The 2006 450F, is race and or ride ready STOCK !!!!

If I could only own one bike.....this 06 YZ450F is the ONE!!!!!!!!

Only race with the 2006 250F, without falling I came in last in both motos, I race Vet Intermediate.

First Race on the 2006 450F, 2-1 = 1st overal............

The race results don't mean crap.............

but the 450 is rideable STOCK and the 250f will take some $$$ to get it properly setup for me.....(which I have not done and or rode, since the 450 purchase)

I'm 5'10" & 216#

For me the 250F does push/front end skecthy feeling, the motor is still SWEET, just the Susp needs to be dialed in for me???????????????

the power of this 450 is SMOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no hit, very 250F power feeling down low and will RIP on top if your balls are BIG enough

thank you this input helps

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