Back pain sufferers...check this out.


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In the mid 80's I did a Doug Henry style back smasher while riding way to fast in unfamiliar terrain. Launched myself off a drop-off that way too high to ride off of. The trail went right & I went straight. Talk about getting air!

Today I have major back lower problems. Just last week I could barely walk after picking up a 2 pound box the wrong way. I've been to several doctors and all of them told me I have three compressed disks and to quite riding motorcycles. :)

When my back acts up the only thing that makes the pain stop is to lay on the floor with my legs supported in a 90 degree angle to my back, just like this gizmo demonstrates. I have a coffee table and a few pillows that do the same thing, but I think they are onto something.


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Naprocyn and Robaxin 500 mg 2x per day.....What back pain.....add a couple of percocet's after a brutal ride.....What day is it anyway.... :)

Bonzai :D

My neighbors are physical therapists and they told me to lie on the floor with your butt up against the side of the couch, and put your legs over the arm rest, pull yourself up so your back is a couple of inches off the floor, and let gravity do the rest. It looks the same type of stretching. Also, lie on your stomach on the floor, arch your back, prop your chest up with a pillow and watch TV for a while. Worked great for me.

Hey guys, since I am chiropractor, I could'nt resist putting my two cents. When I advise patients on home exercises. I will have them try to find a postion that relieves the pain. Either flexion(butt up against the couch w/knees bent) or extension(laying on stomach w/hands under your chest or pushing up). It is different for everyone. I have damaged several discs in my back and the best thing I have found is the "roman chair" type of device you find at alot of the gyms. It allows you to perform lumbar traction and hyperextension exercises. Remember "you don't stop riding because you get old, you get old because you stop riding" Seriously though, with a few exceptions, most of us with back problems don't need to stop riding, we need to take better care of our bodies. Flexibity and strengthening exercises performed properly will take care of 80% of back problems. I do have to say that a competent chiropractor will help with many types of back pain but I am slightly prejudiced. With my chronic back pain suffers, unless I address flexibility and strength, they just become hooked on "crack" Well I have gone on way to much. Good luck.


I swear by Chiro's, ever since 1989 when I strained my lower back water skiing, followed by day of hammering whoops on a YZ250. The sciatica was quite impressive. The Navy Doc was clueless, and had me taking max amount of Motrin, for 2-3 weeks. On advice of my (now defunct ex) wife, I brought my [navy] X-rays to the Chiro who looked at them and said, "Your problem is right here". After 2 weeks of Monday, Wed, Fri adjustments, I was regaining my back and my left leg.

My eyes are open to Chiro's and I fully endorse you!! :)


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

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I also have had really good experience with chiropractors. My whole back gives me some problems both upper and lower. But, the Doc is right. I find my back behaves best when I really work it with exercise and stretching. I was happily surprised to find that when I started riding off-road again my back actually felt better! P

A good S&M set up with chains, straps and a willing accomplice stretches things very nicely into place....

....I broke my back 13 years Nov 5'th in a car accident and have 3 vertebrates fused into 1. Launched the roof of my car into a tree and pushed both headrests down about 2 feet in the process. Lucky to NOT be wearing a seat belt or somebody else would be the proud owner of big blue. Nothing works for me like a HARD bed and correct sitting posture....I prefer to stand than sit if there is no chair that feels comfortable. NOONE touches my back. EVER.


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I've had a ruptured L-5 disc for 10 yrs. The only way I can ride short of surgery is to keep good muscle tone, do stretching before riding and wear a good back support.

Pete Z:

I absolutely wholeheartily disagree with you. I herniated a disk in my lower back, I could not bend my back, but did not know the problem.

I went to my Dr: Nothing wrong!

I went to an Osteopath: Nothing wrong!

I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon: Nothing wrong!

Considering I was in pain, and couldn't bend my back, I was greatly relieved it was all in my head, yeah right!


My Chiro knew there was something wrong. I had a Catscan done of my lower back. I needed a recommendation from a Dr. to get it. Guess who refused to recommend it? My Dr., The Osteopath & the bone cutter/bone fuser (Orthopedic Surgeon).

My idiot (as you insist) Chiro's recommendation flew. The catscan clearly showed the herniated disk. The experts are so busy playing God, they can't even imagine their opinion could be wrong.

Spinal adjustment has been around for centuries, along with accupuncture, accupressure,etc.

I have been to a couple Chiro's who didn't do much. I have been to a lot more PHD's who were more concerned about me taking up their precious time so they could go out to play golf.

Do you,Pete, know what an Osteopath is? Look it up! :D

Hey guys, All I can say is that there is good and bad in all professions, including mine. With rare instances in my office if a patient is not 50% improved after two weeks of treatment I will refer them to someone who I feel can better serve them. Yes, some people need to come in for regular care but that is usually because they keep doing the same things that caused the problem or they will not exercise /stretch. My whole goal is to get the patient better as quickly as possible, educate him/her on how to help themselves and not come in to see me as much. When I do this they send their friends and family to my office because they know they will be treated the same way. Pete Z, its to bad you had a bad experience with the chiros in Canada. I went to school with some guys from Canada; none went back there to practice because of the healthcare system. I respect your opinion, but were not all like that. John H, see you this week-end, don't worry, I won't try to adjust you.

IMHO chiropractors are the "crooked mechanics" of the medical world.Stay away or you will be seeing them for the rest of your life.Sooner or later you will always need your "fix" and back you'll go for another crack.

I'm gonna ride with DrDirt this weekend, so no comment on the chiropractor thing. Besides, I've never had an adjustment before. I do know that waking up with a stiff lower back used to be common place until I started streching. The ex got me started stretching and the results are incredible. I workout a lot with weights and aerobic stuff and without flexibility exercises included my back can get a bit sore.

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