Buying a new 450F, What a dealer tried to pull on me

Our local dealer tried to pull that crap on me in 2003, I was a cash buyer looking to buy 2 of last years models and they wanted to stick me for close to $600 in set up fees for 2 dirt bikes. I showed him the envelope full of cash and told him I was willing to pay 2 hours of shop time for set up and nothing more. He told me to take a hike and thats just what I did, right across the border to Canada. Turns out I saved enough money to outfit my son and I with full, top of the line gear, including helmets.

Did his bikes eventually move? Yea but they sat on the floor for another 3 weeks. :thumbsup:

I dunno, sounds awfully close to "Pinko"...

I'm just pulling your chain. I really don't agree with "what's good for business is good for America." I'll probably get deported to "Hallistan" pretty soon... :thumbsup:

Well, at least they should not be allowed to charge more than specified MSRP, regardless if they have the only one in the USA. Not as a autorized dealer anyway. Private sale... different story.

One of our friends worked at the local talaban shop JMG in Newhall and we tried to help him out by buying 7 CRF 450's for 7,100 out the door each.

We got there and the deal changed, I tried on many an occasion to buy at the local shop and you could never tell what the deal was.

06 was the biggest joke, I put my name in with LA Yamaha the place where I bought my last two bikes, called them once a week in November and no bike, I put a deposit on one at AV Yamaha Kawasaki, and called them repeatedly in November and Finally they said that they got the bike in on 12-7 the price was 6969 OTD not bad but they lost my 100.00 check so I bailed and ordered one from Yamaha of troy which was 6250 delivered to Valencia.

that bike arrived on 1-11. I will never deal with this BS again.

It defy's logic, I don't need the best price and I would have bought the last five bikes 5 years in a row guaranteed if they treated me right.

LA Yamaha sold me the last 2 bikes and they could not even call me when they came in, for that they suck and they can kiss my a$$

Hey FLTHUMPER did you find a bike yet? I have a place that is worth a try if your willing to drive to cocoa beach

Our local dealer has the price of the on each bike. The tag also shows what your paying for freight and setup. He's not a high volume dealer and you will pay top dollar or close to it. But thats ok, It's his business and he knows his market. They've been in business for over thirty years. Same family and a couple of people working for them have been there just as long. I've seen him hang on to bikes for many months, Someone will buy it eventually.

At least you know what your paying, (whats on the tag plus tax and license)

Nope - Still havent found a bike, who in Cocoa would be willing to give a decent deal? Let me know - Thanks

Econ 101

Supply, Demand and Market Price Tolerance.

As long as the supply is limited, relative to the demand, and there are buyers willing to pay higher prices in sufficient quantity to move the inventory, the price will stay high. As soon as consumers collectively resist the price to the extent that the inventory stops moving, the price will come down.

The problem here is that the dealers believe that they can get that kind of money for the bike, and so far, they've been right. Is that their fault?

Econ 160 or 161, now buddy. Been out of school for a while??j/k Market inequality with inelastic supply, got macro this semester. Gotta remember the terms for my test tues, nah I'll go riding instead, there is always sun to study... or monday... or tuesday of the test. :thumbsup: But we are inconsistent buyers we want what is limited, and it doesnt matter the product. We will always be that way and it is not the sellers fault, they are simply capitalizing on a fundamental law of economics.

I got my LE last week for $6400 out the door (without taxes or titling fees...oregon). I was happy because that's way under retail and he didn't put any shipping or setup costs on top either.


Where did you get your bike??? I paid 150 more than that for my blue one!!!

Now I'm really bummed!!


No dealer buy me does that except one and thats a kawaski and suzuki dealer and they are jews

I got my 06 yz450f for $6085, no other fees involved. Yup, that's $6085 OTD. Call Bubba @ Bardwell Yamaha 1-800-952-4270. They can ship anywhere for about $400 more

One thing I discovered a long time ago when negotiating for a new bike (dirt or street) is to make it clear that the amount you're offering is the "out the door" price, including freight and setup, etc. etc.

One of my local dealers has all the yellow Yammies (YZ450F, 600 R6, and 1000 R1) . . . and they're still on showroom floor not sold. It's not like they're that rare!

I just got mine for 6199 + 20 doc fee + 150 shipping, bought from Tousley Motorsports in Minnesota

I recently moved to oregon from minnesota and cant believe what they ask for a bike out here! wanted a honda 50 for the kid and was told almost 1400 out the door! I could pick em up all day long for under 1100 in MN, sometimes under 1000. THe dealers here tried to tell me frieght costs but since when does it cost more to ship a bike made in Japan to OR and WA than MN? This is plain and simple greed and anybody that doesn't do thier research deserves the hose job that they recieve. I just bought a 450x and had it shipped from MN total cost 6159. Local dealers were glued to MSRP and assembly, doc fees freight and pre delivery. I hope there are enough suckers to go around cuz this boy aint playin

Do you think any dealer is in business to sell at cost? Of course not. But I got my bike for $6250, a le, out the door. That was about $200 over cost. But the only reason I got that deal was because the dealer new that I spent alot of money on parts and accesories and I was not one of those jerks that will try on a helmet in his show room to get the size then get it mail order to save $10 bucks. We also have a standing 20% discount on parts. this relationship did not happen overnite but it is good for us both. If you know someone looking for a bike send them the business. Get to know the parts guy. Be a good customer!!! When it comes time to get a new bike you will get a good deal.

I paid 6195+295 shipping to Florida+ 50.00 Document Fee ( Overnight Fed-exing).

That's one thing that I'm curious about. When looking at a bike on ebay or reading some of the posts here or on ADV, it seems a bike would be around 5-700 shipped and here you are paying 300. I always thought it should be more like 3-400 bucks. So how do you get those lower prices?


Dead thread.

hey man since ur lookin in tallahasse ive been hearin the dealership in the destin/pensacola area is real good between price and customer service...i would say ur closer to panama city where im at but there prices are rather high and i heard tey dont like to budge on prices

I almost posted ............. well ok I did........... I didnt notice when it was from, does anybody have a pic of a 06 450le I have never seen one....... I almost got giddy at the thought of a yellow yz( my fav color) !!

$5925 at Troy City Garage with prep and setup. Too bad it's in NY.

I almost posted ............. well ok I did........... I didnt notice when it was from, does anybody have a pic of a 06 450le I have never seen one....... I almost got giddy at the thought of a yellow yz( my fav color) !!

There are a few threads on here (best looking 450, 450 pics, etc etc) and there are normally a few in there.

I am tired with the white on my bike so am going back to either blue or yellow - cant decide, but will probably go yellow

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