Buying a new 450F, What a dealer tried to pull on me

There is a local shop here that still has a couple brand new '06 YZ450 and they are selling them for $4,200.

I almost posted ............. well ok I did........... I didnt notice when it was from, does anybody have a pic of a 06 450le I have never seen one....... I almost got giddy at the thought of a yellow yz( my fav color) !!

i have a yellow '06 250f =) looks pretty much the same minus the whole250cc'sbigger lol



whoops i mean 200 cc's :thumbsup: till i put on my 290 kit this weekend =D

whoops i mean 200 cc's :p till i put on my 290 kit this weekend =D

Nice looking machine you got there :thumbsup:

thanks =)

You could have just drove down to otd cyclesports in northern Ca and got an even better deal. Like you said, if you don't do your research, you deserve to get hosed.

Find another dealer. Sometimes you can spot a decent dealer by noticing if the price is hanging on the bike. The "system" shops rarely do this unless its a non-current bike.

I went into a shop in PA that had the price hanging on the bike - they listed the MSRP plus a $600 delivery fee and $100 assembly fee on that price tag. Thanks but no thanks.

I work for a stand up dealer . We advertise retail, then work down based upon the circumstances of the deal (cash, credit card, trade in or financing somewhat plays a role in the final cost).

We ONLY charge a $75 document fee no matter what the bike/snowmobile/atv is, and we clearly disclose this before the deal so there is no "surprises"

Don't get scammed into all the "fluff and buff" additional charges many dealer try to tack on after the fact. Yamaha pays the dealers a credit to assemble the bikes, so charging the customer an "assembly" fee is BS and called "double dipping"

Some dealers also charge freight, which is somewhat legit as dealers are responsible for paying freight charges.

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