what do I offer this guy for his 2002 XR650R

2002 XR650R

1800 miles

"Upgraded tank ( I have original) , bars are renthal with hand protectors. Digital speedo. De-corked and re-jetted. Also street legal kit."

Asking $3,550 also new tires and a brand new spare.

I have pics..it looks to be in decent shape...used, but thats they are for right?

I think his price is HIGH...$100 over dealer retail (kbb.com)

but what would be a good offer...lookin for a deal here


I bought my 2001 xr650r in 2002 with an estimated 500 miles on it, looked almost brand new. Uncorked but otherwise stock, paid $3500 back then. I think $3550 is high, I'd offer no more than $3000.

Dude Offer 3 Grand!

$3500 is probably about the average asking price. $3000-$3200 is probably what it would go for with the extra parts on it.

I got my 01 off eBay in 04. Seller had good reputation and quoted "clean bike with about 1500 well-maintained miles", which I found to be the truth. Very clean with full ProCircuit T4 and other uncorking completed. Otherwise stock. Final bid was $2900 plus shipping, sight unseen. Zero regrets, thank God.

You quote "street-legal kit", does that mean its got a street title? Some people have horror stories to tell about getting an off-road bike plated, depending on their particular state. I did my reg / title work when I lived in Virginia. Couldn't have done it if I'd been in PA, like I am now. A street title is money in the bank.

My kit cost me 500, plus tires and stuff, plus paperwork, to get it on the street. If the bike has a street title, I'd offer 3200 but have the full 3550 in my back pocket if he doesn't dicker. Odds are real good you will not regret it.

The XR650R rules.

Ride safe, dude.

KBB is not very accurate, what they actually sell for in the area is more important, 3500 to me sounds like a great deal especially withthose goodies.

Prices vary a bit by region - but especially BY STATE!!! If there is any trouble getting one plated where you live - and this guy has already done it - GRAB IT!!

In California, 2002 and earlier XR650Rs actually demand a premium, because you can't get them plated legally anymore. W/O the goodies you mention, you could tack around $1000.00 on to the price here.

As mentioned above, XRR's Do, in fact, rock.

Good luck, post photos!


For a low miles 02 i would pay 3000-3200 at the highest. I bought my 00 650r uncorked plated street tiltle done and low miles. I am quessing around 1000 miles because the side cases have just a tiny wear mark. I payed $2700 well worth dollors. I figured the street kit tilte work = $600 and the bikes worth 2500-3000. I think i got a fair bargin. Hope that helps. BTW- whats he asking?

There's always a asking price, And a taking price...knock him down 700 and see whats happens...you never know till you ask... :thumbsup:

sounds like a good plan....hes asking $3550

I am thinking that I would be happy to take it for 3k.

The inspection ran out 2 months ago...but it is ready to street here in TX...so thats a plus.

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