01 wr exhaust packing

I have an 01 wr exhaust on my yz 426. I went to change the packing in the exhaust and there is not any. Is this right? Thanks

Is there anyone that can help me with this or let me know where to find the answer. I already went to the yamaha website and looked at the microfiche. It didn'e help at all. Thanks :thumbsup:

I believe this is true, the WR does not have any packing because it is a baffle type exhaust. I have never actually taken one a part to see, but I am almost positive that I have read it somewhere. Hope this helps.


Pull the exhaust schematic from the Yamaha parts website. That'll tell you for sure...SC

How did you get it apart? I have a wr exhaust that I cut open, but not sure of the year, I think 02. It is a sealed unit with no packing, just chambers.

This is true. If you take the end cap off, you'll see a screen welded to the inside of the canister. There is (theoretically) some permanent packing under the screen, which is not removable. I have an 02 WR426 and wanted to quiet the thing down a little with repacking, since that is not an option, I ended up getting the GYT-R quiet insert.

No packing on a WR exhaust.

Get the GYTR insert for quiet

Does anyone know the approx. dB for this exhaust stock an obviously with the spark arrestor. :thumbsup:

I believe I read they are somewhere in the 100 to 102 db range. Never been tested without the quiet insert.

Yeah, i just learned this too. After i bought exhaust packing, i open it up, and i'm like, oops. Oh well, 21.95 down the toilet.

Yep, an uncorked WR426 with a stock exhaust comes in over 100 dBA using the AMA sound test guidelines (3400 rpm, 20" away). With a GYT-R quiet insert it's 90-92 dBA using the same test procedures.

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