need help please

i am replacing the fork seals and dust seals on a 04 yz450f ,i have that apart so far i started to try to remove the compression base valve from the lower fork leg and it will not come out? i have a peice of 1" pvc schedule 40 pipe and fabricated it as on motomans site and the 14mm allen socket the base valve is turning but not comming out. are you running a thiner wall pipe to get inside farther mine seems like its not goig in far enough. also i removed the nut on the top of thee dampning rod along with the white plastic thing so the pipe would go deeper into the dampning rod. please help thanks john

If you use an airimpact wrench, it will pop it loose without using the PVC trick. The problem is you need to seperate it from the inner dampening rod so you can either use the PVC trick or an airgun. The airgun, if handy, takes just a few seconds. I've never had much luck with the PVC pipe either...

thanks pk unfortunately i don't have access to a air gun. mabe some one else could help out thanks though i do appreciate any help whatsoever thanks again john

If you only want to change the seals, there is no need to remove the base valve or damper cartridge. Install the new seals and be done with it.

thanks grayracer but i did want to remove the base valves just to thourghly clean the forks. by the way i am planning on running the mobile 1 synthetic atf, i saw doing past searches that you use the atf as well along with subtanks, without the subtanks what oil height would you recomend, i'm 205lbs c class mx going to install .49 fork springs. thanks john

well thanks i figuered it out i guess on the 2004 with the 48mm forks you need to use the thin wall 200psi rating 1" pvc , the problem with the schedule 40 1" is the inside diameter was not 1" a little less the 200psi 1" pvc fit like a glove and i was able to get the base valve out. upon looking at the fork a little closer i noticed the metal washer that is located between the dust seal and the fork seal is bent, the wire clip that retains the fork seal left a imprint on the aluminum waser and bent it, i was wondering if i can just put it on something flat and press it flat again?

i posted this also in the suspension forum it seems the previous owner or some one else reinstalled the fork parts incorrectly. the thin flat aluminum washer that was bent i think it belongs up against the aluminum bushing then the fork sel and the clip that holds it in place. i was thinking mabe that thin aluminum easher is a backing plate of some kind that the fork seal is pressed up againsta and then the clip that holds it all in place.

i think i figued it out with the help of sc spode thanks looking at yamahas website on the parts microfish it is part #6 and belongs up against the aluminum bushing thanks for all the help thanks again john

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