lost a spoke

I somehow lost a spoke out of my front wheel today. The nipple isnt visible, I assume its in the tire. Is this gonna be like every other bike Ive owned in that you have to buy a whole set of spokes? If so does anyone have a front spoke for sale? Thanks

Check your spoke holes to see if they are enlarged. Missing 1 spoke won't really affect you much, juts keep the rest tensioned. I rode with a spoke missing on the rear fo quite a while. Also, I don't think you can buy just one. If you have to order a set, get the stainless spokes and nipples and relace the entire rim.

I'm in the same predicament. I need to rebuild a front wheel with a broken spoke, and some bent ones. If I buy a set, I'll send you a spoke, or vise versa. :)

i just bought a new set of blue excels w\talon hubs.my stock hubs are being laced with new spokes and blue excels right now.i should be able to pick them up in a couple days.i told shop i wanted old spokes and nipples for spares.i will send you a couple spokes and nipples free if you dont mind waiting few days.let me know hyroler777@rcn.com

My computer has been down for a few days, I would still like a spoke. my email is funktree@yahoo.com i can check it from a friends computer til mine gets going. I am definately interested in one spoke. As soon as possible, Ive been told riding with one missing is no big deal, but I tend to have bad mechanical luck.

I still need a front spoke, can anyone help me out?

I zip-tied all the points where the spokes meet, so incase my spokes come loose, I dont lose the entire spoke! I think this works great and this method has saved me a few spokes on the past 6 bikes I have owned!

I need a spoke for the front as well.

The nipple was stripped and the spoke was flailing around.

I thought I musta hit something...

I can fix you both up. Send me your info.

Hey Scott...

The package arrived yesterday but the spoke wasn't in it.

The USPS had put the envelope in a bag with an appologetic form letter about how much mail they handle.

Thanks for your help in advance, and I hope you try again.

When are you coming up to nor-cal for an adventure?


What?!? I hope they choke on that spoke! Their machine probably did. I thought I packaged it carefully. I can send another one, or you can pick it up on your way down to Baja. I am right off the 5 fwy.

I probably won't get up to NorCal until spring. I really want to visit the new MX track called Honey Lake or something, near Reno.

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I would really dig it if you could blast it up here.

I am getting ready to through tires on our bikes and wanted to slip the spoke in whilst the wheel is bare.

Thanks in advance, Bill.

Please Scott, Please!

Tell me your sending another spoke for me?


Ooooookaaaaaaay. I still have your address, but I have to find time to package it (better) and send it. Hopefully I can do that this weekend, and send it Monday. You owe me double though!

Thanks Scott! :)

Double it is, or will be :D

Its Happy Hour!

I still dont have a spoke for my front, Im not sure what happened. Heres my info again;

Darren Pierce

1331 W 8th Ave

Chico, CA


Im willing to pay shipping and the cost of the spoke if that helps.

I don’t want to do a disservice to anyone here but a spoke torque wrench like this was tested in one of the major magazines without favorable results. Again, I do not know if this is the tested manufacture or not. Maybe someone can remember the article.

I got it!

Thank god, I was putting off doing the tires for baja until tomorrow and thinking I was just going to have to live 1 spoke short of a full wheel...


The moment I surrender the spoke appears, craftily wrapped in foam!

Thank you very much.


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