Sand Mountain

Just got back from sand mountain. The ten paddle is the way to go. it pulled just fine and was easy to spin. It was really cold up there (below 20 degrees at night) so my jetting was on the lean side. Anyway, I was able to beat most slightly modded 450 quads and banshees up the hill. I even beat a 426 with my stock 450. Alright back to my question. We pulled my carb apart to adjust the needle but it was nonadjustable so we just put it back in and noticed that the throttle stop was cut so much that it just blocks dirt in there. Is it okay that it doesnt stop anything? Also, is there a difference in size with the yz needle? Any help would be nice, thanks.

The YZ needle is 11mm shorter allowing for full opening of the throttle. I'd definitely get one, as having one too short can cause problems with the throttle sticking open...SC

This was covered in a 3 page thread, just a few threads up from this one (now down). While unlikely, too short a throttle stop could result in a throttle stuck open. This will, of course, happen at the most inoportune time. You'll see no benefit from cutting any shorter than YZ spec.

Thanks for the info on the throttlestop. I kinda figured that it might cause it to stick but was just wonderin. But is the Yz carb needle different in width or height than the wr needle? The only difference I would think is that its adjustable and might be thinner to richen up the jetting. Am I right?

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