XR600R Magura Jack Clutch

I know SRC offers them, I've checked the archives, but not enough info.

Can anybody tell me which model, and/or which parts swaps I have to use to make the Magura work on my 98 XR600R.

There are a boatload for $100 less on ebay, and I just want to start with the right unit, and do the mods myself, as I am quite handy.

I know somebody has done this.


You might eat up a hundred bucks in pain and suffering trying to modify a stock ( out of the box) hyd clutch to fit on your 600. I ordered one for my 650R from SRC and really like it. The box it came in said it was for a KX250. The system had obviously been modified to fit my XR. Being new to Magura Clutch systems I had no idea where to even begin. The rod that sticks out of the hydraulic cylinder that actually does the pulling is the thing that is swapped out. I just wasn't in the mood to fart around with doing that. As it comes from SRC, it was a 10 minute mod and works great! No more than two fingers and no adjusting- ever- until you need a new clutch. I don't ride as often as I'd like to so every time I go my clutch hand would tire and cramp very fast. With the hyd clutch, no problems.

Next, go out and get a shorty ASV clutch lever and your dialed.

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