New exhaust system problem with connection

I just recieved a new White Brothers exhaust system (header and slip on) and the header diameter is over 1/4" smaller in diameter than the slip on at the connection between the two pieces. There was not any enclosed bushings or parts to take up this difference. I talked to White Brothers tech. department and they said that I need to reuse the bushing (tech. dept. did not do a very good job of explaining this part) out of the stock pipe. Unfortunately I bought this bike used and I don't think it had a stock pipe on it. The bushing in the pipe that I am replacing will not work because it fits the slip on side but is still too large for the header diameter and there is no way that I can squeeze the clamp enough to make it work. Does anyone know what the proper material or materials is to bush this connection and where can I get one? From Yamaha? The dimensions that I am working with are:

Slip on ID - 1.877" ID

Header OD - 1.590" OD

.287" difference or I will need a bushing or spacer thickness of .1435"

I would appreciate any suggestions.



You should be able to order one from your dealer.

or theres this stuff called chamber seal

First off you need to state what bike you have.

Second, go to find the parts fische for the bike, find the number of the muffler bushing and go to your local dealer to order it.

Take the time and order the correct part, otherwise you will waste a lot of time and money on stuff that wasn't meant for the task.

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