06 YZ450F- what stuff to get?

I will soon be the proud owner of a new 06 450, so I'm trying to get together a list of necessary stuff for it. I don't ride MX hardly ever, mostly trails/desert. Here's what I'm thinking so far-

Sparky- I really want a Thunder Alley, but the wait may be really long, so I'm debating on a White Brothers E2. What other sparkys are available for the 06, and what do people like? 96dB not required, but I don't want a screaming loud pipe.

Skid- Works Connection

Radiator braces- even necessary? I loved the WC braces on my 426, but it looks like the tank on the 450 protects the rads pretty well. Probably good insurance anyways.

Bars- Windham Pro Tapers

Handguards- Rally Pro's w/ triple clamp mounts or Cycra? I've had good luck with Rally Pro's in the past, but I've heard a lot of good about Cycra's stuff as well. Opinions?

Chain- going to leave it alone until I figure out what gearing I want to run, then swap the whole set at once.

Hourmeter- go with the simple Yamaha hour meter, or spring a few extra $ and get a Trail Tech computer?

TM chain slider- had one on the 426, is it necessary on the 06 450? They are nice to have for insurance, but the $ might be better spent on something else.

Is there anything else that is absolutely necessary for the 06? My wife, aka the boss, has OK'd the necessary expenses, little stuff like a fuel screw and anodized goodies will have to wait a little while :thumbsup: Any suggestions/input are welcome.

Sounds like a good plan the rad braces are a must idk if u have seen them but they are paper thing. Chain slider is another good idea thats the next step on mine

My skid plate is on the way other than that its all preferences

Cowboy, cool youre getting your bike after all. Where did you end up getting it from. I am having Brian from Unabiker send me some rad guards for a 250f to see if they will fit. If they do, I would highly recommend them, they are tough as hell and I think they look cool too. Sounds like you hava a good list. I did an Oring chain and new gearing right away, but I came off a WR. Boysen water pump cover and impellar should help with overheating during tight mountain riding, I am doing that before I hit the mountians this spring. Keep me posted on how its going. Later, BnB.

I forgot to tell you, I bought a DR. D with SA and quiet core. Very nice. Its the whole system, header and pipe. Very easy to change out SA and quiet core. Take it easy.

yzkid- the slider is on the "once it wears out or when I have the extra $" list.

BnB- I'm buying from my local guy, after shipping etc. it ended up being the best deal. What gearing did you go with? I ran 13/52 on the 426, I'm wondering if that will work on the 450 as well. What did the Dr. D set you back?


Stuff I have ordered for mine, O-ring chain, 52T steel rear sprocket, Zip-TY fuel screw, and Cycra tripple clamp mount handguards. Going to check with a local guy today about a front tire. Next on the list will be a skid plate and maybe some rad. guards but I am not sure what brand yet. I bought my bike last Friday and have not ridden it yet except around the yard and up and down the street a few times. Won't be much more of that as this bike is loud.

I also only ride trails, last tme on a MX track resulted in an arm being broke in 3 places.

I put a Pro Circuit 496 on mine and love it. It has a 1 7/8" ID stainless steel mid pipe that slip-fits to the header. Mid pipe slips into the muffler and is held in w/two springs. The muffler is a round aluminum can w/ a perforated core that is 2" ID where the mid pipe dumps into it, and straight tapers to 1 3/8" at the outlet (I think the stock can has a straight 1 1/2" perf. core). With the spark arrestor in, outlet ID is reduced to 1 1/4". The insert that comes with the pipe further reduces outlet ID to 1". The can is 2" longer than stock, but because it mounts further forward, and the end cap (ti I think) is shorter, it sticks out 1" less than the stock muffler.

I tossed the 1" insert first thing and got an 1 1/2 end piece from PC. I have only run it with the spark arrestor in (1 1/4 outlet ID effectively) and it rips. Throttle response is maybe not quite as razor sharp as stock, but is still excellent. I think maybe it doesn't rev quite as fast, but it's a very small difference(and might be in my head, cause its quieter).

The bike is still an absolute rocket. It still has a nice deep bark on the gas(just not as obnoxious as stock), and there is no need to go back and forth with quiet cores/jetting for closed courses. 162mj ,needle stock, 48pj, 5500ft.

Sorry for the long description, but I couldn't get any competent answers to my questions from PC or FMF and needed a sparky ASAP, so I thought I'd post a review.

Oh yeah, I also have fitted a Scotts damper, IMS 3.1gal tank, MSR fuel screw, Acerbis handguards, Scotts oil filter, taller bars, hour meter. Waiting an a Devol skid plate, and low boy pegs that will work on the '06. Think I'm going to go with an x-ring and 50t rear.

This bike ROCKS :thumbsup::bonk: You're gonna love it! :thumbsup:

I'm in the same boat as you. Have had my new yellow ride for about a month now. Here's what I have done on each of your points:

Sparky- Waiting on a ProMoto Billet Endcap/Arrestor (they have a new sweet looking model they have designed that is anodized and available in several colors). Should be available in a week or so.

Skid- I went with a White Bros. Good total engine protection, not too bulky, and bolts on clean to the existing holes in the frame (no clamps required). The only thing that is a pain (that may apply to all aftermarket skids) is that I have to remove the skid plate to get to the bottom-most drain plug when changing the oil. (3 bolt removal... not that bad)

Radiator braces- Havent' moved on these yet... Probably go with Unibiker when I do.

Bars- Also went with Windham ProTapers. If you are looking to get additional height out of these bars (vs. stockers) be careful... you aren't getting that much additional height. I like the Windham bend though, and I'm still going to add a 10mm to 15mm rise with the Windhams to get the bars up where I want them.

Handguards- I went with the new Acerbis (aluminum frame w/ the removable plastics... cant remember what their called). Also got the Cycra triple clamp mounts. Set up looks very clean and is solid.

Chain- DID Gold

Hourmeter- Overkill here... I actually mounted a Trail Tech computer (in a ProTaper pad... installation turned out sweet) AND I put a Sendec (sp?) hour meter/tach on the frame. Save yourself some money and buy a Sendec on line. They are the exact same meter that Yamaha slaps their name on... only you'll spend about $20 less.

TM chain slider- kept the stocker so far.

I also put on some fork compression release valves and you will definitely want to change out the front tire (unless you are primarily riding hard pack). See lots of other posts on that topic.

I'm waiting for some more trail time to make a call on whether to go with a flywheel weight or not. My first impressions are it will not be necessary... but I haven't ridden the new bike in stuff that is too technical yet.

Good luck with your build out. :thumbsup:

IMO I would ride the bike before I do anything to it. Most of the articles talk about raising the forks in the clamps to the first line and getting a taller bend of handlebars. I put on different bars before I ever rode mine and now I am going back to stock.

I put on an aftermarket Braking front and rear brake. I gold RK x-ring chain and a blue Renthal 50T sprocket. I have Ride Engineering axel blocks, oil fill plug and timing plugs anodized blue. I have a Zip Ty fuel screw adjustor, blue ASV levers, Race Tech suspension, FMF Ti pipe and header and Works Connection front and rear brake caps. The most important of those are the front brakes.

A good chain should be high on your list mine stretched out after the first hard ride.

My stock chain on my 426 was cheesy, but I managed to make it last quite a while. Is the 450 chain cheesier than the stocker on the 00? I may have to get a decent chain also.

if you don't want your bike to run like crap! then a fuel screw is a must!

lots of GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought an 06 yz450. Along with the bike I got a DID chain, windham pro taper bars, fuel screw, 170 main, 48 pilot, ASV levers, and cycra handguards. Figuring I can try out both sets of bars and sell the set I don't like on ebay to recover $50.

Got those parts financed in with the cost of the bike.

I had a new 756 front tire sitting here that came with my last bike that I likely will install (it's ususally sloppy where I ride).

Going to ride it for one full day before deciding if I like the gearing or not and if I need any other ergo changes.

BnB- I'm buying from my local guy, after shipping etc. it ended up being the best deal. What gearing did you go with? I ran 13/52 on the 426, I'm wondering if that will work on the 450 as well. What did the Dr. D set you back?
I am running 12/50, I like it. The Dr. D goes for around 4 bills somewhere. Depends on how good of a deal you can get. It comes with the SA but you have to order the quiet core, 40 fun tokens. Good luck buddy

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