Looking to buy first bike.....

I suck and I can handle the 450 fine with the free mods done. :thumbsup:

from your buddy in WA, buy the thing already. Let's go ride!!!!!

I'd suggest going used. I hadn't road serious offroad for 15 years until about a month ago. I was a very strong rider when I was younger and I'm glad I bought my used '00 WR400. I'm doing pretty good keeping up with friends that have been riding contiously for the last several\many years but my bike is taking alot of abuse. Just a couple weekends ago I dumped my bike a dozen times or so in a single ride.

Once I get back into it more and not dumping the bike as much, I should be able to sell the '00 for about what I paid for it, and get something a little newer.

One thing, get some bark busters or carry a few extra clutch and brake levers.

Ride hard, enjoy.

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