2006 450 flywheel weight

Anyone know whether an '03-'05 flywheel weight will work on the new '06? Also, what weight is everyone happy with (that woods rides hare scrambles and GNCCs)? I've ridden 2 strokes and didn't figure on all the stalling with a 4-stroke- even with the idle up.

First, no, the flywheel has been reconfigured, and the earlier weights will not fit. I don't know who, if anyone, yet has a weight or weighted flywheel for the '06, but if this is your first modern thumper, the first thing I have to suggest is that you need to adapt to it a little. A flywheel weight will help, but it isn't a cure-all. Learn to catch it before it stalls in the tight stuff and use the clutch. Remember, it wasn't built to be a woods bike, and even though it can certainly be used as one, that's not in its nature, exactly.

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