Flywheel weight

Add weight or take weight off of the flywheel for INCREASED engine / compression braking??? I actually miss the engine braking my 426 had. :thumbsup: Any help appreciated Thanks

The amount of compression braking is a matter of engineering not a flywheel weight. You may increase it minimally by upping the compression ratio of the motor. You'll get use to it over time. The killer brakes should help make up for the lack of compression braking.

Flywheel weight won't affect it much one way or other unless you make a really big change in it. Are you talking about an '06?

Yes i am referring to the 06 . I am still getting use to it. Its like night and day when i jump back on my 426 thanks guys

If anyone hears of a flywheel weight made for the '06, I'd like to know who has it!

GYTR makes one for the 06 bikes

Where did you find a GYTR one for a 2006? There isn't one on the website. Let me know..

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