What handguards are the most of you using? What is the best value for money handguard out there at the moment :thumbsup:

Just installed Cycra Pro Bends.

Best fit I have seen in a long time.

Just installed Cycra Pro Bends.

Best fit I have seen in a long time.

I would have to agree. Very strong and excellent quality :thumbsup:

Acerbis Rally Pro II. Roughly $65. Lightweight, but durable. (Although, I have yet to smack a tree with them on...)

Easy to install and not overly bulky. :thumbsup:

I put on the Acerbis MultiPlo handguards they went right on with no fuss at all and have saved me a couple clutch levers already :thumbsup:

I like the look of the Acerbis Rally II guards too but I have Renthal Fat Bars on my 450 and was wondering if I needed special hardware to install them?

Anybody have experience.


Accerbis need an extra kit,

Cycras come complete fat bar or 7/8th bar are different kits.

The Probends Have a dual hinge mount system that works really well.

I just installed the Fastway FIT system which uses the Cycra pro bends and they look very durable.....I hope they are! :thumbsup:

I've had success with the Tusk D-Flex. They've saved my levers and hands multiple times.

Enduro Enginering :thumbsup:

I have the Cycra Pro Bend, triple clamp mount. They are nearly indestructible. A riding buddy has the Accerbis and he totally molested them by the third time out, the aluminum is very soft.

You could try "woods blasters". Just see that annoying add top left! :thumbsup:

Anyone tried the Tusk D-Flex? For the price I'm wondering if they are worth it or if they are just junk.

Don't waste your money. Get the Cycra pro bend all other are a waste of money

I've had Pro Bends on my last three bikes, well worth the money.

Moose with MSR brush guards, I also use the GYTR triple clamp mount and while I claim that I have never bent a set of Pro Taper bars I think this mount is the reason. The backwards force on the bars from an impact is transferred to the triple clamp and it won't let bars bend back from a hard run in with a tree :thumbsup:

Moose for me too.

Scotts Performance, & when the spoiler gets grubby you can replace them without replacing the aluminium braces.

:thumbsup: Cycra Pro-Bends best handguards i have ever had. with the tripple clamp mount it doesnt matter if you have 7/8 or 1 1/8 bars. wouldnt ride without them.

Cycra probends with triple clamp mounts. :thumbsup:

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