06 YZ450F question... clutch

Switching from a smoker to a 4 stroke... so if this is a 'common occurance' with strokers... apologies.

First off, the bike is a blast and running awesome (just getting past the break-in period).

Have had no problem starting the bike (3 - 5 kicks when cold, 1 kick when warm/hot), but just about every time I start the bike cold... let it warm up for a bit, and then initiatlly shift from nuetral to first (with clutch lever fully engaged) the bike kills. Immediately restart the bike, shift again from neutral to first, the bike doesn't kill and clutch seems to work fine from that point forward.

I'm not having any problem starting the bike (warm) in gear or in neutral... and when clutch lever is engaged (after the initial cold start) everything feels normal in clutch engagement.

Is this a normal occurance with 4 strokes (never experienced it with the 2 strokes I've owned) or do I need to adjust the clutch.

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