I need to lose a few pounds!

I have an 01 WR426. What can i do to shed a few pounds to bring this bike down to a "lighter" weight? I ride mostly hills, and when i dump the bike (way to frequent :thumbsup:) I am getting tired of lifting it's 260lbs. Any idea's to shed 5-10 pounds? The YZ 426 is much lighter, right? Can i change out parts to get closer to the YZ weight? :thumbsup:

Ditch the headlight and rear fender for a YZ number plate and fender...SC

now on the fender and headlight thing, what years are compatible with other years. For instance, i have an 02 wr 426, can i order a 02 YZ 426 number plate and fender? I know there might be some mods with the mounting and coolant res.. If you have part numbers form acerbis, that woudl be very handy. How big of a pain in the butt is it to modify the mounting to get it all done?

Exhaust, headlight, tail light, aluminum subframe, remove the overflow res, etc.

I just picked up a number plate and rear fender for $54 with shipping. Probably not the best deal around but doesn't seem too bad for brand new. Found both on ebay.

Use that heavy lifting to get stronger! Much cheaper solution :thumbsup:

The easiest thing to do is start working out so it doesn't kick your ass when you dump it! :bonk:

Seriously, practice more so you don't fall off so much. :bonk::thumbsup:

Sorry, I couldn't help it. Strip everything like it's listed above and you can drop about 8-10 pounds off the bike. If you do a search in this forum for losing weight, there are several threads that detail what to remove and how much weight you save with each one. That way, you can decide which things you want to remove, and which ones you want to keep. :thumbsup:

I've had the same question only I thought it was ME that needed to shed 5 to 10 pounds - it's getting harder and harder to pick my sorry a## off the deck.

Well I know I need to lose 5-10, but until then...... Thanks for the advise Kevin1209, I'll get right on that! :thumbsup: If i can drop 8-10lbs on Both my fat a$$ and my bike, i should be a better, less tired rider, I hope.

Thank guys! :thumbsup:

Don't think that's gonna save much weight to be honest. :thumbsup:

Ditch the headlight and rear fender for a YZ number plate and fender...SC

Bike: Titanium and carbon fiber. Rider: Beer and Pizza. Total weight loss: 1oz. :thumbsup:

Take the headlight out, then take off the gastank and seat, then take the motor and chain off. Try picking it up now. If you still cant pick it up call your girlfriend over and show her how strong you are :thumbsup:

If you cant pick the bike up, its to big for you. :bonk:

Think about it, the most these guys are suggesting is under 12oz. You think thats gonna make the difference?

You better get some muscles :thumbsup:

I'm 6'2, 200Lbs, it's not a matter of me not being strong enough to lift the bike, it's just would be nice to be able to throw it around a little more. My riding buddies and I hit pretty steep incline hills, so when the bike gets dumped, it can get heavy after a few times of getting it back up right on a steep hill. Thanks for all the smack talk! I better start doing more 12oz curls huh?

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