450 Newbie questions

I'm new to the four stroke bikes and need some direction. About seven years ago I use to ride a Honda 125 and ended up sell the bike for some reason and have not been on a bike since. I just bought a 2002 WR426 with 300 mile on it and I am clues less as to the up keep of the four stroke. Is the maintance like the two strokes, and what does the hot start botton due?

Hot start button is for starting when the bike is warmed up. I believe that is adds air into the carb to help it start when warm. You may or may not need to use it.

Never had a 2 stroke, so can't help on the maintenance comparisons. But, you will want to change the engine oil regularly and clean the air filter regularly.

Get a manual and fowlow the guide lines. The biggest differance between 2 and 4 stroke mantiance is the top end. They are completly differant. The rest is pretty much the same. Change the oil, clean the air filter, check and lube the chain, keep the bearings clean and greased.


You can get the international manual here for free. It's got Spanish, French and German supplements, but the main pages are in English. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can edit out the foreign stuff...SC

You can also find a lot of info here including the shop manual. It's for a YZ426 but most of it still applies.

There is a difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke. Change the oil regularly. Every 4 -5 rides max.. Clean the air filter every ride. The valves need to be adjusted periodically. Make sure you change the oil filter every time you do a oil change. The hot start button is for crashes. It lets cold air into the carb.

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