Bar risers: Hype or Really Effective

I read the MXA article and they raved about the 06 YZ 450. I agree, I bought one, its a great bike and light years better than their previous 450's. However, the raise the bar 10 MM idea, is that really necessary for someone 5'10"? Has someone in that height range actually made the change and did it do any good? Remember, placebo effects (fake treatments or the belief that a change has got to be better) do affect people's actual ratings and judgements of a particular device or modification. With that in mind, who has changed the height and did you think it helped or wasnt really anoticeable change?

It doesn't actually raise them just pushes them forward or back. Which means that a shorter person can run them towards the back and not feel stretched out. A taller person can run them forward and not feel cramped.


can be effective - depends on you and ergonomically where your position is on the bike. I swapped to Windham bend bars as they are higher than the stock Protaper's that sit really low for me, it made the bike feel better to me and I could get over the front easier....It is a curious bend that Yami decided on....not really sure how it was decided on unless it was a decision made in Japan - from the "shorter riders" point of view :thumbsup:

is that really necessary for someone 55'10"

If you're nearly 56 feet tall, I don't think bar risers are going to help that much. :thumbsup:

haha grayracer beat me too it, i was gonna joke on you about the same thing :thumbsup:

Sorry major typo (5'10") is what i meant

You're sure it doesnt really raise them. Why call them risers? And why are people going to a higher bar if the "rise" isnt what they're after? In addition, I think I read somewhere that the 06 450's triple clamps allowed for some fore and aft adjustability. I couldnt find anything in my owners manual that said how to change this alleged adjustment. Does anybody here know what the adjustment issue is fore/aft and if different risers actually work for someone less than 56 foot tall, like 5'10"?

Yes, they do actually raise the handle bar up. You can get them in a 10mm and 15mm rise. It's an alternative to buying a completely new set of bars (with a taller bend). Yamaha's have been known (for years) to have a lowish feeling handle bar.

To move the bar fore of aft just spin the bar riser around 180*. The mounting bolt is off center to the riser itself, so it allows for a small adjustment by simply repositioning the risers

I read the same articles that said to raise the bars higher. I had a set of Renthal Fat Bars with the RC high bend and didn't like them. I recently removed the RC bend and put the stock bars back on. I will try them for a while. I guess it is what every you are used to.

I'm 6' 0" (or I guess that would be 60 feet tall the way you're measuring :thumbsup: ) and I went from stock to a pair of Windham bend ProTapers... and now I'm adding a 10mm riser to the Windhams. Stockers were way too low for my riding style.

Also, getting the bend specifics for the stock bars out of ProTaper (so I could determine what bend I wanted to go to) was like pulling teeth. I never got the actual specs, but PT did tell me that the stockers were closest to their Carmichael bend.

Everythings else on the bike rocks (after a few necessary changes -- like swapping out the front tire etc...) but I've had a heck of a time trying to get the bars just right.

Sorry major typo (5'10") is what i meant
Believe it or not, I figured that out all by myself. :thumbsup:

Some risers are offset to allow fore and aft adjustment as well.

I have a set of risers on my yamaha and i will never go back..... being tall and skinney the stock yamaha bars felt like they were cramping me up in corneres and such i love the risers....

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