WR400 Cam lobes (low power/overheating)

I've just checked the timing on this WR400 because I was convinced she'd jumped a tooth and was running retarded. I've reset the inlet cam so that the marks are level with the head and counted 12 pins of the chain to set the exhaust cam. This is also level with the head but I've read that it should be a tooth higher because it is now set at YZ timing! This I put down to camchain stretch.

Anyway, I put it back together and started it. It now starts easily and ticks over (before I was kicking it over forever!!!). It still won't rev properly but I have a question. Are the lobes on the inlet cam all meant to open together or are they staggered? These lobes are all out of line which would explain the poor running. I know of Isuzu diesels whose engines will move the pressed on lobes on their camshafts if the pistons touch the valves. Anybody got a cam out at the moment who could let me know? Cheers folks.

The cam is machined out of 1 piece of metal but the gear is pressed on so it is possible the gear slipped.

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