disk brake guard

I am looking for a front plastic disk brake guard that also covers the caliper.Anyone have any ideas on where or what company makes them, most cover the disk and not the caliper.

The Acerbis fits good, looks good, and is fairly sturdy, but doesn't cover the caliper. The front caliper is mostly protected by fork tube anyways. :thumbsup:

I bought the older style Acerbis and mount bracket and hated it. It is flismy and would get destroyed after one good brush against a tree or a rock. It is meant to go on the 03-04 model. I think the newer version (called the spider) would be a better fit but have yet to purchase one. It mounts on the front wheel axel between the fork and the wheel rather than on the outside of the fork and brake assembly.

If you want to buy my unused disk guard and mount bracket, I'd be happy to sell it to you.

Cycra is supposed to come out with one soon...one of these years. :thumbsup:

I use the Devol aluminum guard on my '98 YZ400. Fits great and definitely helps protect the disc.

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