06 Devol skid plate?????

Has anyone heard what the status of these are??? When will they ship??? Man It's killin me to not have adequate protection on the bottom of an aluminum framed bike............


Why are you waiting? :thumbsup:

I bought a White Bros. skid plate (not glide) that bolts directly on using the 3 stock glideplate holes, plus an additional 'crossbar' that mounts the top of the plate to the frame. Very clean installation and complete engine protection. Only complaint (and this may also apply to any plate that protects 'wider' than the stock glide plate that sits inside the frame) is that I need to remove the plate to get to the bottom most drain plug to change the oil. Kind of a pain... but it's only four bolts to drop the plate... and no frame clamps to deal with (which are always a pain)

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