trade me exhausts

I have a brand new only been ran once 05yz450 exhaust and would like to trade someone with a wr450 stock exhaust. This pipe rips but is too loud and my neighbors are complaining, someone please help.

I have a 04 WR450 with a brand new Pro Moto Billet insert (and the stock insert) but don't know if that would fit. I've been thinking of getting a new silencer but need to have the spark arrester for trail use... and the desert race series. Don't know if you pipe has that. Also have to pass tech inspection for max db levels.

So, if you know all that stuff or someone else can answer it, I may be interested.

An unccorked WR exhaust is no quieter than the YZ pipe (maybe even louder), and with the baffle, it just plain sucks (unless you were planning on getting a PMB insert, but you could do that to the YZ pipe too). But to each his own. People are giving the WR pipes away on eBay.

I have the stock muffler (brand new take off) for a 2004 WR450F, and it has the stock insert and USFS approved spark arrestor (yes, I do have the USFS approved), but its a Canadian insert, so its a teeny bit louder than US stock WR muffler. Not sure if it would fit, but I'd trade ya if you wanted. I suspect the noise from it would be around 89db.

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