XR600R Carb Question

Hi all,

I have a 1991 XR600R and I would like some precision on the type of carb that is installed originaly on this bike.

Is it a pumping carb?

If not what is part #13 "VALVE SET, AIR CUT" on the image (see link below)

Select 1993 (same as mine)

and then XR600R

And finaly Carburator

I do not think that carb is a pumper.

The air cutoff valve cuts the air flow through the pilot jet's emulcification holes under deceleration thereby enrichining that circuit. It's suppose to soften the decelerative force of a closed throttle on the big single. Pretty sure that's what #13 is.

Yes, I agree, it's the same as #14 "VALVE SET, AIR CUT" on the 650R's

carb..... what HawkGT said.

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