Any input on Alpinestars Vector Boots???

Im looking to buy new boots anyone have any experience with these?? They look cool and are pretty comfortable but I want some input.

I've been wearing mine for almost a year now, I would'nt wear anything else. I had those stiff plastic type boots.

Mine are very comfy and I like them a bunch. Easy to put on and off. Sometimes though, I wish they were a bit stiffer to protect my ankles a bit more. Haven't had a problem yet but after so many ankle sprains from basketball it's always on the back of my mind..............

BTW, what's a good way to clean motocross boots? As much as my feet sweat I'd like to clean them but not sure If I should hose them off with water (inside and outside) or not.

First ride and I broke the top clip in buckle!! The bad part is it's the female side thats permently attached to the boot :) So I'm waiting until winter and will send them into Alpine and it takes 3-4 weeks to get them back. They are real comfy. I have a hard time feeling the back brake pressure. Just a few thoughts


A friend wears them and said they are the tennis shoe of motorcycle boots. Very easy to walk in and very comfortable, if thats what your looking for.

I believe that offroad situations are better served with a little extra protection, but then some are wearing street motorcycling boots offroad. I guess it depends on how you feel about your feet getting caught between a "rock and a hard place".

I have vectors and like them.

Get the buckles for the tech-8's. They come in a replacement kit.

Replace the plastic buckles with Al.

Easier to use too.

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