2002 WR 426 counter sprocket ?

I am replacing the counter sprocket and the one I took off had a rubber spacer on both sides of the sprocket. the new JT sprocket I purchased does not have a spacer on either side. does there need to be a spacer on the sprocket on one or either side?


Never saw that on my 400 or 450? :thumbsup:

I dont know :thumbsup:

But I can tell you they dont use rubber to space sprokets. If it bolts up, im sure you will be just fine. :thumbsup:

Mine was the same way I just used the new sprocket without the rubber on it no problems have changed it twice now niether of the new sprockets have it.Just line it up and bolt er on. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It's best to get the rubber coated sprocket off anyway as it will hold dirt and sand against the seal and start to wear it out. More room lets the dirt get away from the seal area. WR Dave.

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