starting tips

One of mine works that way but my favorite one wont start if I use that method, I have to kick it at exact top dead, fight through the compression and it will fire every time but past top dead.....nope. Wish it would start past top dead and I probley wouldnt have to worry about the lashback. I agree about the pilot jet. If its aint freezing and it aint startin it aint right in my mind!!!

hey steve,

On mine, you cant kick it past the compression. I tryed when I first got it. I weight about 200, and jumped up in the air about 6 feet, then gave it my bestest kick :thumbsup: It didnt budge, I think I just about bent the kicker.

Every bike is different, but I hope yours are all most as fast as mine :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I t should be, ive done all the mods I can short of a big bore kit which is next :thumbsup: , Believe me I have to kick the crap out of it to get through the compression and sometimes it stops short but it usually goes.

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