Edelbrock cold starting tips?

Hey guys, Yamaha WR rider here with a question for the Edelbrock users here.

I just picked up a Quicksilver carb off of Ebay.PN#3148 for my WR 426.

It has no Choke/Cold start curcuit. Do ya just give a couple of squirts from the A/C pump and kick away?

Any other tips?

Thanks much,


I "blip" the throttle 2-3 times and my bike fires right up. If it's really cold outside then I turn up the idle slightly before starting, that seems to help too.

I "blip" the throttle 2-3 times and my bike fires right up. If it's really cold outside then I turn up the idle slightly before starting, that seems to help too.

Works for me as well.



Here is a cut-n-paste of a response from gadsan to a similar question I asked about the QS on my XR650R. I've followed it ever since I installed my QS and have had excellent luck. It covers all the possible conditions.

First off, after I'm done riding for at least a week, I drain the float bowls on all our bikes (XR's, WRF's, CR's, etc) to minimize the chance of varnish and or gum in float needle / seat and or jets.

1. Engine cold, not started in at least 3-4 weeks.

a - turn on fuel

b - 3 quick full blips of the throttle

c - bring kick start lever to tdc

d - pull in the decomp and push the kick start lever just slightly pat TDC and let the decomp lever back out

e - kick the start lever from the top of the stroke - hard smooth kick

f - varoom!

Your bike should start within a couple kicks. If it doesn't, then something is wrong (maybe in the carb settings, or valve adjustment, stale fuel, fouled spark plug, etc.)

2. Engine cold, not started in 24-48 hours

a - same as above

3. Engine warm, has been shut down for maybe an hour or two

a - same as above, but I only use one quick blip of the throttle (two at the very most)

4. Engine hot, at operating temp, just stalled it (at stoplight, etc...)

a - start as above, but do NOT blip the throttle at all

Your bike should simply start first kick without any throttle manipulation.

One common starting problem I've seen with various bikes whether they have an Edelbrock, Mikuni or Keihin carb is that people set the idle speed too low and this will make starting more difficult. Make sure your idle speed is set to spec and not any lower.

The colder the outside temperature, the more times I need to blip the throttle on a cold engine to get it to start. For instance, if the ouside temps are below 45F, then I may have to initially blip the throttle 4 or 5 times to get a quick start.

Also, the point Ramcc4x4 makes re turning a couple of turns on the idle-adjust screw is correct: crank in a few turns when the engine is stone-cold and it allows you to not have to worry about blipping the throttle right after it fires. Then, as the engine slowly warms up you can back off the idle-adjust.

Ride safe.

Anytime the temperatures drop below freezing and specially if the bike has not been started for a while you may have problems starting it. Here is what I do.

1. Blip the throttle 3 to 5 times depending on temp outside.

2. find top dead center on and kick 1 inch then ratchet the kicker up and kick through. May try this 1 or 2 times.

3. No start: then I turn the idle up 2 to 2.5 turns.

4. blip the throttle 3 times and kick it.

5. Still no start: Hold the throttle wide open and kill switch and manual decompresser and kick it over 6 to 10 times as if it were flooded and then go through the above procedures again. It usually starts at some point in these procedures.

The above is only done when the bike is cold and has not been started for a while (2 weeks or more).

If the bike is run weekly. I turn the idle up and whack the throttle three or four times. Find top dead center and pass it 1 inch. Kick it over. It will start 1st or 2nd kick. Once it warms up I turn the idle down. The reason I mess with the idle so much is because I have an auto-clutch and I run my idle really low. Not enough idle to keep a cold bike running.

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