Motocross on ESPN2?

Has anyone here actually seen motocross on ESPN2?

Evertime I want to see a race I look on espn's website and they have a channel listing of when it will be on espn2, so I set the vcr to tape and I always get the figure skating finals or the high school cheerleading championships.

I bought a satellite dish so I could see MX and SX and they are never on when they say they are. :)

And yes, I do set my vcr for my time zone (central).

I had to get that off my chest. Sorry.


Darin in Missouri - My Hurricane 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

We see just about every race. That's not because we have a better "TV Guide". It's because my 8 year old son scans the Direct TV schedule for ESPN2 every morning as soon as he wakes up. I also get an update from him every afternoon when I get home from work. Now if he could just excercise that kind of dedication in everything else ...

Scott, The tuner does heave what is called "WordMatch" or something like that and I have put in the words MOTOCROSS and SUPERCROSS so it can search for me but Im not sure where to go to find the results for the search. Do you know? Thanks,


Darin in Missouri - My Hurricane 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

Hello Guys I have seen every race so far :) I go to and click on the tv listings, sometimes I'll miss the first showing usually on Sunday Mornings because it's been moved do to schedule problems but pickup the replays. Their times have been pretty acurate. Last Saturdays race was rescheduled do to CART Race delay in England Went to MOTOWORLD site and they gave update but was off by 90 minutes on my cable. I just wish FOX would show replays of the GNCC races. Ride Safe & Ride Often

Darin, I let my Tivo find the show for me. It does a great job. If you have DirecTV, you can get the Tivo with a tuner in one unit.

those of you with RCA directv recievers can send a scout to search for shows when the rec. is turned off. just fill the scout up with keywords and as long as they are in the title or description, the scout will find it.

just a thought.


According to my 8 year old, the next ESPN2 broadcast of motocross is at 01:00 to 03:00 PST on Friday 09/28/01. I'm setting up my VCR as soon as I get away from my computer.

I've never had much luck with the satellite search program/menu. It seems that the more I want to find something the worse it does.

Good Luck

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Thanks Chris C. Ive already got it set and ready to tape tonight. Well, hopefully.

I have missed all the SX and MX races this year due to not having cable. I sure would like to get the last one to wet my taste buds for next season. :D

Now lets just hope I dont wake tomorrow morning to find "The Worlds Strongest Man Competition" :)


Darin in Missouri - My Hurricane 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

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