426 oem insert replacement

When I got my 2001 wr426, the insert was gone. I personally dont mind, as the bike sounds awesome! But to keep the people happy who don't enjoy there windows rattling :thumbsup: , I need to get the db level down before riding season starts.

I got a dennis kirk catalog and found a promoto replacement insert but when I tryed to order it, it was discontinued . So I tryed TT store and also ebay and was unable to find what im looking for. And yes I did the search.

96db seems to be the standard, so im looking for a performance insert, but will go with the stock if I cant find something else.


I put the GYT-R quiet insert in mine. It is alot quieter and the performance drop is only noticable on the very low end. I got it from the local yamaha dealer for about $40.

Quiet Products makes a high flow insert that is better than GYTR and won't fall apart. www.quietiscool.com I saw one of their newer versions that doesn't point all the way toward the ground. It looks a lot better than the 'gonzo' nose they originally sold.

Thanks for the info. :thumbsup: Ill check into those products and let you know how it sounds.

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