Yz Carb Needle

Is there any difference between the wr and yz needle other than the yz is adjustable? The only thing I can imagine is that the yz needle might have different tapers and might be thinner to richen up the jetting. Am I right?

Good question - I have often wondered the same thing and I look forward to someone posting an answer ... perhaps this may be a little too technical or no-one else has thought of this as an option?

My '99 WR400 has a YZ needle in it. It was in there when I bought it. I looked up the P/N for a WR and a YZ needle, and mine was marked as shown for a YZ. Yes, the YZ needle has more taper than a WR needle. I found a resource that gave the taper dimensions and they are different for the 2.

thanks for the info. Hopefully Ill get one on tuesday. The 450 pinging a bit and its poppin so I need to adjust.

No prob. Good luck with it.

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