oil problem

I bought a used 2005 yz450 and first thing i did was change the oil, it came out real black and dirty. I didn't have a filter so I left that alone. As soon as I fired it up to check the level the new oil was dirty. So I go and get a filter and some more oil and change it again. It still comes out real dirty right away. how fast does your guys oil turn dirty, I would think it should last longer than this.

It should be quite clean on the dipstick after the oil change. Are you removing the frame oil drain (behind the front wheel), the bottom engine (12 or 14mm bolt) and the small 8mm bolt on the left side of the engine?

Drain that frame oil resivor!

You may want to check with the previous owner to see what he was running for oil. Maybe he was throwing in some graphite type oil he had on a shelf. That stuff is black when it comes out of the container. Do what the others have said, drain the oil from the frame as well. If it were me, I would run several cans of cheap stuff through the system before riding it, and would continue to do so, until it came out clean. Another step you can do, is to remove the clutch assembly and clean it be hand, thats where most of the dirty stuff would be,,,,,

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