so where do I start

well I just picked up a 2000 650r with a cal plate its just about stock just a tank skid plate and a shark fin what I need to know is where to start?

as far as more go's that is how due I get more bang for my buck

Is it uncorked?

Is it uncorked?

:thumbsup: tell me more the smog is gone and I was told it was jetted but there is not much there compared to my wr which is completely modified I figured I would start with a pipe but I have never owned a 650 and want to see if that is where I should start

By the way whats a good price for a hop up kit and where thanks

Step 1: Go study this website

Step 2: USe the search feature in this forum... If you type in uncorking I'll bet you'll get about 50 responses.. Same thing for pipes, jetting etc...

Step 3: Have fun! These bikes rip! :thumbsup:

Here is another very good web site. Take care of all the potential problem items in Achilles Heels section. These bikes run very strong with stock pipe and Honda unplugging which includes high flow spark arrestor/baffle, opened intake manifold, two opened ports in air box, and Honda specified jetting.

Thanks guys

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