Bent my 06 Swing Arm...question 4 U..

I hit a huge rock and kinked the swing arm on my 06 450. Will the 03-05 swing arms match up? I see that there are quite a few available on ebay but I'm not sure if they will fit.

Please help..

new swingarm for 06. Check the Technical seminar update books to find out the differences at your local Yamaha dealer.

Hmmmm....I wonder what a new OEM will cost. I'll check the updates.

new one will set you back about $450.00

I bet Grayracer513 knows!

I would like to see pics of your swingarm.But the cost on them is going to be the same as the older ones cost new from yamaha.Price an 05 swingarm and thats about how much your going to be paying.

I have a 2003 yz450f swing arm. I will sell it for $150.00 . Its in very good condition. I do not know if it will fit your 2006 yz450f? It will be on ebay in like a week or two. So if you want it I must know so I don't sell on it ebay.

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