Quick Jetting Question: E-series and uncorked

I'm going to have to re-jet after I just put on the WB e-series pipe. I took it for a spin and it's dying when I'm stopped and popping a lot on decel (lean?).. It is uncorked but no cams or headers. Those are stock. I'm heading out this weekend to go ride and only have time to grab the jets tomorrow and then I'll tinker with the carb once we get to the riding spot.

I'm guessing 68s and 175 main? Anyone else run this set-up and if so what is your jetting set at?

Oh yeah my air box side panel is not cut out either and I'm running the stock carb ...

Appreciate the help!

Oh yeah, I'm at sea level also...

Oh yeah, I'm at sea level also...

i,m running mine at 172 main 65 pilot stock needle clip at 4th notch from top run,s great .airbox is opened up .good luck oh 2 1/4 turns out on air screw also .

I'm uncorked (airbox inserts, manifold, stock exhaust w/HRC tip) at 1300ft. 65s pilot was way too lean on my bike--popping under decel, not a very good idle, etc. Even at 5500ft the 65s was still too lean.

68 pilot (haven't tried a 68s, but I'm skeptical about "S" jets) cleared up the slow circuit nicely.

I bet a 68s and 175 main will be darn close.

68s/172 800ft

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