Considering a '96 XR 600 r

I am coming off of an '85 xl 350r which I ran 99% on the dirt. I am looking at a 96 xr600r. What I really want is a ktm 525 that I have ridden and fell in love with. Also I have experience on a friend's '02 XR650r. I am looking at the 600 because of the price and the rfs is going to have to wait for awhile.

Question is, how does it compare to the xr650 as far as weight and feel goes? I am looking for more power where my 350 just couldn't take all of the hills, especially the sandy ones. I am just a weekend trail basher, but have advanced skills. Will it keep up with the 525 on the big hill climbs?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

The 600 will be a definate improvement over your 350. The 650R has proabably 20-30% more power than the 600 (seat of the pants guesstimate) and handles (and feels lighter to me, although it's not) much better. The 600 will conquer some big hills and has an awesome seat. Lots of parts still around for the 600.

The 650R will keep you grinning due to the fantastic motor and good handling (for it's size), but I still prefer the XR600 for long consecutive days in the saddle due to the comfort factor and stone axe reliability.

I've got a 95 XR600 and I love it. Tons of power, very reliable (takes a licking and keeps on ticking), and a lot cheap to buy than the 650.

Thanks guys, I just picked it up for $1500. It is very clean and solid. Here is the autotrader link: He switched the graphics from the purple/pink scheme so it looks really nice. I am very happy with it so far, can't wait to take it out. It's an XR, so I know it won't fail me.

I love the power!

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