Couple of bar questions

Has anyone ever tried KX high Pro Tapers? They are actually taller than the Windham bend, but more swept back (close to Henry/Reed sweep). Also, has anyone tried the Pro Taper contour bars? According to the spec sheet they are 1/2 inch narrower than the "traditional" PT's, I was wondering if anyone could verify this or if the narrower bar bothered them. I'm 6'2" with long arms, so I don't want to feel like I'm riding a TT-R 50 instead of a YZ 450 when I get my new bike.

I use PT (YZ highs) on my bike. For Christmas, I bought my fiancee a set of Contour PT's (YZ high) for her 250F. I didn't think anything was different from my bars. They looked the same to me.

I swapped out the stockers for Windhams... and wish I had gone with the KX Highs. I like the bend of the Windhams, but I'm still needing to add a 10mm riser to get the bars where I want them (hopefully they're in the mail by now).

Can't speak to the sweep comparison between the Windhams and the KX highs because I've never ridden the KX's... but I've got a buddy that swears by them.

Good luck. I'm pleased with every aspect of the '06 (with the other additions I've made), but so far I have not cracked the code on the bar height.

I like the narrower bars. One day at the track I bent my mx bars. All I had in my trailer were my woods bars. I was supprised to find that I keeping the bike down in corners was easier. I now cut my mx bars 1/2 inch each side. And that goes for my new Reed bends that I just put on my 06 450.

I have ea 04 yz 450 im 6'3 and i put the PT windham Contour bar on .. i like it a little wide , need to cut about 1/2 inch off each side. don't have a saw though and i asked the shop and he was like "ill never cut a handlebar in my lifetime" sorry . i said your gay and don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. i said "go pull a PT bar off the shelf and you will see guide marks that are measured specifically for CUTTING" he looked at me puzzled ....

I think its all personal preference. would like to maybe feel what a little higher bar would feel like .

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