right boot covered in oil!!!!??

we went riding last week at ocotillo wells,well,tried.3 miles out i looked at my right boot and it was covered in oil.yikes.at firdt glance it looked like a cracked frame.after cleaning n lookin close it awas the plug on the right front

of the head,in the front,any body have this happen yet?the plug covers what used to be decomp.valve :thumbsup:

2003 or 2004 450 I take it? Fairly common on these bikes. Poor choice by Yamaha to plug the hole. :thumbsup: I think TT sells an aluminum plug for the hole that is held in by a screw. Look for it in the TT store.


ya 2 bucks or so.ruined my ride cuz a 2 dollar part

Don't replace it with another $2 plug that'll fall out and ruin another ride.

Get the machined plug from the TT store... it's about $20 and will last forver.

I just had the same thing happen to me... the store here has what you need and it was a 2 minute fix that looks good and should last. The gasket comes with it. I ordered one (not knowing...) so now I have an extra, I guess. Took a couple days to get here.

got 800 miles of hard riding on my 2004 WR450 and have NOT had this happen

I had it happen on my 04. I used a 18mm automotive oil galley plug.


It took about 2000 miles until it happend on my WR,but it happened. I would just get the plug from the TT store and be done with it. Then you dont have to worry about it ruining your day, or worse your bike.

Same thing happened to me on my 03, my local Yam shop was out so I had them find one that was almost the same size (a tad bigger) 2 seasons later it's yet to pop out again. Your lucky mine was hitting my radiator and header pipe causing a little flame actionamidst the confusion. Thats what I get for getting a FMY bike, did the same thing with my trucklet... some folk never learn :thumbsup: .

Thats happened to a few people I know so we just JB welded it shut. No problems since and that was about a year and half ago.

It will happen eventually...best bet is to go ahead and spend the money on the TT machined plug.

It ruined a dunes ride for me back when i was riding my 250. When i got my 450, the aluminum plug was the first mod i made.

You now have to cover your left boot with oil to even things out :thumbsup:

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